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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

motivate myself ^_^


arini nak share satu video yang motivate aku. agak-agak sedih tu leh la tengok video ni.ayat-ayat dia semuanya inspired people.aku terjumpa video ni dekat facebook wardina.dah lama dah sebenarnya tapi arini baru aku share kat blog.

aku dah taipkan sekali ayat-ayat dia di bawah video ni.mula-mula ingat nak translate kan kepada malay tapi bila dah translate suku ayat, aku rasa macam blur lak.haha.so aku biarkan je dalam bahasa inggeris.kalo ada sedikit sebanyak words yang xpaham tu silalah google translate ye.

so let's cekidaut.may this video motivate you more to be a good islamic person [pause lagu background dulu ye]

why did you keep your burden inside you when you have ALLAH to tell it to?
why did you fear everyone might hate you when you have HIM who understands you?
why did you fill your heart with pain and anguish when you have HIM to fill it with eternal bliss?
why did you choose to settle in turbulence when there's HIS pure love that speaks of peace?

open your heart, let ALLAH wash away the hurt,
embrace the greatest love, HE alone could give you.

pray to ALLAH for HE listens to all prayers,
believe in HIM alone and not the deceiving others,
do what HE says for HE is your mentor,
love HIM truly and not the impostor.

when you are in a battle unarmed, let HIS love be your sword,
when you cold, let HIS love warm you,
when you stumble and fall, let HIS love catch you.

when you have no more food to eat, let HIS love fill your tummy,
when you can no longer breathe, let HIS love be your air,
when you have no more to drink, let HIS love be your water.

when you are lost in the rains, let ALLAH'S love be your shade,
when you are lost in the dark, let HIS love be your light,
when you can no longer see, let HIS love be your sight.

when you are bruised in a fight, let ALLAH'S stop your bleedings,
when you are wronged in an argument, let HIS love unleash what's true.

when no one understands you, let ALLAH'S love be searched,
when no one listens to you, let HIS love be heard,
when no one believes in you, let HIS love be seen,
when no one trusts you, let HIS love be serene.

when you believes nobody loves you, lets ALLAH'S love be your confidence,
when you doubt nobody protects you, let HIS love be your defense,
when you feel nobody cares for you, let HIS love heed.

when someone fools you, let ALLAH'S love make a wiser,
when someone belittle you, let HIS love make you greater,
when someone abandons you, let HIS love show you what to do.

when you are weak, let ALLAH'S love be your strength,
when you can no longer smile, let HIS love be sent,
when you are lost, let HIS love be your way,
when you can no longer speak, let HIS love tell you what to say.

when you are afraid, let ALLAH'S love be your protection,
when you are confused, let HIS love be your liberation,
when you are hurting, let HIS love be your theraphy.

when you feel like giving up, let ALLAH'S love push you,
when you feel tired and fed up, let HIS love purpose pursue.

when you reach the pinnacle of your journey, the angels of the heavens will welcome you finally.
so go on, walk on to the road leading HIS heaven's.

don't go a day without HIS love, you will never falter,
don't let the devil deceive your heart, ALLAH shall conquer it forever.

hold on and believe in ALLAH'S love, that's the best you can have.
please never weep again and in your heart, let HIS love remain.

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