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Friday, July 20, 2012

[ LAGU 9 ] - kamal uddin


salam menyambut ramadan al mubarak saudara-saudara ku semua.semoga bulan ramadan ini memberikan sejuta kebahagiaan kepada kita. okeh arini nak share pasal brother kamal uddin.dia adalah seorang imam, pengajar, hafiz dan penyanyi nasyid

first time aku dengar suara dia masa conference being ME di MATRADE 30 jun lepas.first time dengar seriously Ya Allah such a wonderful voice.tanpa muzik background pun suara dia sangat mengagumkan.tersentuh masa dia sampaikan lagu tu. lembut sangat, menusuk kalbu la senang kata.

meh aku tempek sikit maklumat pasal kamal uddin :-
Kamal Uddin was born on 28th June 1984. His family originates from Bangladesh, however among his family he was born in England. Kamal grew up in Hyde, a town in Greater Manchester.

In summer 1996 Kamal boarded an Islamic school in Bolton called Al Jamia-Al Islamiyya. He studied a course to memorise the whole Noble Qur'an. During the month of Ramadan in November 2000 halfway through his course, sadly his father Haji Malkas Ali passed away. By the grace of Allah at the end of 2001 Kamal finished his course and became a qualified Hafiz. Immediately after, The Hyde Jamia Mosque offered him to lead the next Ramadan prayers. At the time Kamal was only 17 years old. Having been successful he was offered to teach children at the Islamic Centre based in the Mosque and also to lead and call people to prayers.

In September 2002 Kamal boarded Jamia Al-Karam in Retford to study Arabic grammar. After a year he returned back to Hyde Jamia Mosque to carry on his duties there.

Knowing at an early age his talent in reciting the Qur’an and singing Nasheeds, he opened a Nasheed class where young children can enjoy learning about Islam by singing Nasheeds and also a separate Hafiz class so he can teach others to memorise the Noble Qur’an like himself.

During January 2005, Kamal took his mother to Saudi Arabia, to perform the largest Islamic pilgrimage - Hajj. Having been inspired from his Hajj experience, Kamal started to compose his own lyrics for his first album. This was launched in August 2005 and became a huge success gaining Kamal his recognition as a Nasheed Artist after performing at the 1st Global Peace and Unity Event organised by the Islam Channel.

In May 2006, due to heavy demand from his listeners all over the world, Record Label IQRA Promotions signed him up and released his second Album ‘Illallah’. This Album immediately became a bigger success and tracks from the album were flooding hits on youtube such as his recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman with over 3 million views!

In 2008 Kamal Won The Global Peace and Unity Nasheed Contest which consisted of 16 Nasheed Artist from all over the World.

Kamal has taken part in many performances throughout the U.K and across the Globe such as Canada, USA, France, Norway and soon Malaisia & South Africa. He has shared the stage with artists such as Yahya Hawa, Ahmed Bukhatir, Zain Bhikha and many more. He is currently working closely with IQRA Promotions on his third Album

An Imam, a Hafiz, a Haji and an artist. A remarkable talented dear brother: Kamal Uddin.

kalau nak tau details boleh tengok dekat page kamal uddin di www.kamaluddin.info

sekarang aku nak tempek lagu-lagu nasyid yang dia nyanyikan.kalau korang dengar dengan hati terbuka mesti korang pun rasa perasaan sayu macam yang aku rasa.cekidaut !

dan lirik nya juga supaya lebih jelas lagi :-

SUBHANALLAH- kamal uddin

Subhanallah wal hamdulillah wa laa ilaaha illallah x3

Every time when I’m awake all things that I see
I know it’s hard to believe but it's from the Almighty
When the leaves fall from the tree every plant that grows on land
When the waves flow in the see it's by his command


To Allah do I return, paradise is what I’ll earn
if I work hard and pray to my Lord everyday
So Allah give me the strength, show me the way the Prophet went. Let me hold tight to your rope,
without Islam there is no hope


Ya Allah I thank you for my clothes and my food
as I live throughout this test I’ll remember I’ve been blessed
Ya Allah hear my du’a (prayer) please help your ummah (followers)
so that we can all unite and praise you day and night

Chorus x2

satu lagi video aku nak letak :-

lirik :


There is no man more dear to me
Throughout the whole of history
Than the one who was sent as a guide
Leading people from darkness to light
His message was simple and clear
That there is one god who we must all fear
Inviting people towards Allah
his name is Muhammad Mustafa
His name is Muhammad mustafa
Bala ghal ulah
bikamalihi ka shafhat tu ja bija malihi
hassunat jami yu hisale heen
sallu alyhi wa alahi

He was the greatest man of all time
He came to teach the whole of mankind
That we must worship only one lord
Besides him there is no other god
Islam is what he came to teach
To every corner of the world did he preach
that we can all come together and pray
To the one who provides us each day
To the one who provides us each day

Bala ghal ulah
bikamalihi ka shafhat tu ja bija malihi
hassunat jami yu hisale heen
sallu alayhi wa alihi

he was a shelter for the orphans and poor
he is my only ticket to the heaven door
he confirmed all that was and before
than the whole world do I love him more
I swear if I only had a chance
To go back in time for one glance
At the face of Muhammad almeen
I would wonder whether I had a dream
I would wonder whether I had a dream

Bala ghal ulah
bikamalihi ka shafhat tu ja bija malihi
hassunat jamiha yu hisale heen
sallu alayhi wa alihi

so kalau korang nak dengar lagu-lagu yang lain cuba2 la search kat youtube tu xpun tengok kat official website kamal uddin.best kan suara dia ^_^

p/s : selamat berpuasa kawan-kawan

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